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Professional Consulting

We can advise on everything from designing, funding, building and operating a full fibre network

Community Networks

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Supporting Communites

We specialise in supporting hard to reach communities by designing, building and operating full fibre networks.

Our Team

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Our Team

Recently we founded, designed, delivered and managed a full fibre network in rural Buckinghamshire through to acquisition


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Investment Raising

Experienced at raising investment to support the successful delivery of full fibre ultrafast broadband networks

Large Community Full Fibre Network

Building a Fibre Network

It is well known there is a digital divide between metropolitan/urban areas and rural areas in the UK Рas rural areas are often overlooked for commercial reasons (too few people, too much area to cover, etc).

In 2015 we developed an innovative model to overcome the challenges associated with delivering a full fibre network in rural areas.

To prove our model, we decided to found our own full fibre network in rural Buckinghamshire. We successfully raised the funds required, drove engagement at a local level, planned, engaged with the council street works team, built, undertook street works, rolled out and managed the fibre network through to successful acquisition by another full fibre network.

How do we work?

We help communities who have been neglected by existing broadband providers

Free Consultation

If you are part of a community in an area that is suffering from poor broadband please get in touch


We work with you to determine the best solution, and no project is too small or too large. We want to help communities


Considerable research is required before work can commence - numerous factors need to be evaluated (population, topography, support, and more)

Project Start

Starting a full fibre network does not need to be difficult nor do they need to be ridiculously expensive. We can help you every step of the way, including managing the network if needed

Is your community in a broadband not-spot?

We design, fund, build and operate full fibre broadband networks

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